class grandchallenge.components.models.ComponentInterface(id, title, slug, description, default_value, kind, relative_path, store_in_database)[source]
  • id (AutoField) – Id

  • title (CharField) – Title. Human readable name of this input/output field.

  • slug (AutoSlugField) – Slug

  • description (TextField) – Description. Description of this input/output field.

  • default_value (JSONField) – Default value. Default value for this field, only valid for inputs.

  • kind (CharField) – Kind. What is the type of this interface? Used to validate interface values and connections between components.

  • relative_path (CharField) – Relative path. The path to the entity that implements this interface relative to the input or output directory.

  • store_in_database (BooleanField) – Store in database. Should the value be saved in a database field, only valid for outputs.

exception DoesNotExist

alias of grandchallenge.components.models.InterfaceKind.InterfaceKindChoices

exception MultipleObjectsReturned
class grandchallenge.components.models.ComponentInterfaceValue(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Encapsulates the value of an interface at a certain point in the graph.

  • id (BigAutoField) – Id

  • interface (ForeignKey to ComponentInterface) – Interface

  • value (JSONField) – Value

  • file (FileField) – File

  • image (ForeignKey to Image) – Image

exception DoesNotExist
exception MultipleObjectsReturned
class grandchallenge.components.models.DurationQuerySet(model=None, query=None, using=None, hints=None)[source]

Calculate the average duration that completed jobs ran for


Annotate the queryset with the duration of completed jobs

class grandchallenge.components.models.InterfaceKind[source]

Interface kind.

class InterfaceKindChoices(value)[source]

Interface kind choices.

static interface_type_annotation()[source]

Interface kinds that are annotations.

  • 2D bounding box

  • Multiple 2D bounding boxes

  • Distance measurement

  • Multiple distance measurements

  • Point

  • Multiple points

  • Polygon

  • Multiple polygons

static interface_type_file()[source]

Interface kinds that are files:

  • CSV file

  • JSON file

  • ZIP file

static interface_type_image()[source]

Interface kinds that are images:

  • Image

  • Heat Map

  • Segmentation

static interface_type_simple()[source]

Simple interface kinds.

  • String

  • Integer

  • Float

  • Bool

  • Choice

  • Multiple choice